Understanding your identity in Christ

Understanding Your Identity In Christ

This module equips the student with a Biblical understanding of Redemption and who we are in Christ, as a result of Christ’s redemptive work at the cross.

It is part of the Biblical Studies Level 1 course: Foundations for Christian Living.

We will study the work that Jesus did for us at the cross through His death, burial, resurrection, ascension and seating at the Father’s right hand. By examining the New Testament Epistles, particularly the writings of the Apostle Paul, we will come to an understanding of why Jesus went to the cross and what He achieved for us.

In Christ

Special attention will be given to our identity in Christ and the spiritual truths of being a new creation. This includes understanding who we are in Christ.

We will talk about the importance of renewing our minds and changing our thinking in order to see ourselves how God sees us.

The module will cover a number of aspects of what Jesus provided in Redemption, including: who we are in relation to the Father, our surroundings and the enemy. Also, our inheritance in Christ.

Purpose of this Module

This subject is designed to change our thinking and establish our identity in Christ.

It is important that we find our identity in Christ and see ourselves how God sees us. Many people try to relate to God based upon their natural identity and how they see themselves from the natural perspective.

If we do not understand that we have been cleansed from sin and created righteous and holy in Christ, we will continue to let our sin consciousness dominate our relationship with God. This is not how God wants the new creation to relate to Him.

This module will help change your perspective and, therefore, change the way you relate to God and face life.


Upon completion of this module, you will understand:

  • The importance of Redemption in the Bible
  • Why Jesus went to the cross
  • The redemptive work of Christ on the cross and what God has done for us through Christ
  • What it means to be in Christ and the importance of the truths revealed in the ‘in Christ’ scriptures
  • Appreciate what it means to be a new creation
  • Our Position: Who you are in Christ in relation to God, your surroundings and the enemy
  • Your inheritance in Christ
  • Why it is necessary to change your thinking and see yourself how God sees you
  • How the ‘In Christ’ truths should affect your daily life and walk with God. Also, how to apply these truths in a practical way, in order to live the new creation life like God intended.

How to study this Module

This module can be studied online by one on one webcam classes with me or by attending live classes (where available).

Studying online with me via webcam:

To study who you are in Christ by one on one classes over webcam, please read the page about webcam classes and contact me.

I recommend 8-10 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it. There should be at least one Skype (or other video messaging service) per week. If you want to do more, we can.

Studying by attending live classes:

This module on who we are in Christ can also be studied live. Please read the pages on live courses for more information on this.

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