Principles of Teaching and Learning

Principles of Teaching and Learning

Understanding principles of teaching and learning will help you become a more effective teacher of the Bible.

Communicating information does not mean you have taught people. Many ministers give information; however, teaching is a skill. You can either be an average teacher, a good teacher or a master teacher.

Jesus was skilled at teaching. He understood principles of teaching and how to effectively enable people to learn. If we want to be effective teachers, like Jesus, we should improve out teaching ability.

Every minister needs to understand how to teach skilfully, even if they are not called to be a Teacher. Pastors need to be able to teach.

This module is designed to help you understand the teaching process and how to help students learn, to help you become more effective and skilful at ministering the Word of God.


In this module, we will examine a variety of principles connected to the teaching (and learning) situation that teachers needs to be aware of in the preparation and presentation of their class in order to be an effective teacher.

These principles of teaching will enhance your teaching ability, as well as help you to understand the teacher’s responsibility in helping the student learn.

This class is not primarily about the content of ‘what’ needs to be taught, but focuses on the communication of ‘how’ it is taught. It is also not about ‘how to prepare a sermon’. Those things will be covered in other classes.

This class is about the teaching and learning process.

In addition to natural principles of teaching, we will discuss spiritual principles that affect the ministry of the Word of God to people. By combining natural principles with spiritual ones, we will understand the unique teaching situation the minister of the Gospel is in.

Goals and Objectives of Principles of Teaching and Learning

Upon completion of this module the student will understand

  • The role and responsibility of a teacher.
  • What effective teaching is requires.
  • The purpose and goals of teaching.
  • How the teacher can (and should) help the student understand, retain, master and apply the truths you are teaching them; how to recognise whether they are doing so and what to do if they are not.
  • The teaching and learning process.
  • Natural principles of teaching.
  • Spiritual factors that are involved in the teaching and learning process.

Ministry Training

The Principles of Teaching and Learning module is part of the Ministry Training course, Level One: Foundations for Effective Ministry.

The ministry training course is for people who want to be involved in Christian Ministry, whether as leaders or helpers in supportive ministry roles.

How to study this Module

This module can be studied online by one on one webcam classes with me or by attending live classes (where available).

Studying Principles of Teaching online

To study Teaching Principles by one on one classes over webcam, please read the page about webcam classes and contact me.

I recommend 10 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it. There should be at least one Skype (or other video messaging service) per week. If you want to do more, we can.

Studying by attending live classes

This module can also be studied live. Please read the pages on live courses for more information on this.

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