Pray for direction from God

Do I need to pray about attending Bible School?

I am praying about whether I should do Bible School. Does God want me to do it?

I do believe it is good to pray for direction and seek God’s input in our lives. However, I also believe that every Christian should study at Bible school.

Years ago, people only went to Bible School if they were planning to go into the ministry. These days, everyone can benefit from the boost of scriptural teaching in their lives. That is why this course is designed for both people who want to increase their knowledge of the Bible and those wanting to train for Ministry.

Consider this

Would God object to you setting aside extra time to study and grow in His Word? Do you need to pray about studying the Bible?

We already have clear biblical instructions to meditate in God’s Word daily, to study it and spend time in it. I do not believe that God would object to a person making a commitment in their life to set aside extra time each week to study His Word.

Also, it is not necessary to pray about whether you should obey the instructions in the Bible to spend more time in the Word. God already reveals to us in His Word that He wants us to do this.

God, I want more of you

Taking the step to study a Bible course is a way of saying to God that you are hungry for Him and for understanding of His Word. It does not require God specifically leading you to do so.

The decision to do this course can come from you as an expression to God that you want more of Him in your life. In other words, you do not need God’s direction to take a step that obeys the Bible to spend more time in His Word and that shows Him you want more of Him.

There are of course things to pray about when making the decision to do a course

You need to decide whether you can make the time commitment and financial commitment to do the course. Are you willing to set aside the time and resources to do the course?

It may mean taking a step of faith to trust God to provide. This would include praying for the funds. It could mean praying for wisdom about how to adjust your time to allow for the course.

So, by all means pray and seek God. However, it is not about praying whether you should spend more time studying the Bible. it is about seeking God for provision and wisdom to do so.

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