Practical information about the Course

Practical Information about the Course

Full Time or Part Time

The entire course is designed to be completed by modules. Each module focuses on a subject and is made up of 8-10 classes. These modules can be studied at your own pace. You can study one module at a time, part time, or multiple modules at the same time.

The time commitment you put in is up to you. However, the recommended minimum is one (hour long) class per week, plus some additional reading. If you have the time to study more, then there is no reason you cannot.

Live and online studying

One of the unique features of this Bible School programme is the ability to study it online or live.

Many Bible Schools only provide live training. Exceeding Faith enables you to study both online and live (if live classes are held near you).

The online training is done by one-on-one classes over webcam. There will soon, also, be self study online courses available.

Structure of the Course

There are 2 courses available. The first focuses on Biblical Studies, the second on ministry training.

Those who simply want to do Bible studies, but not Ministry training can follow the Biblical Studies course only. People who want to train for Christian ministry should do the Biblical Studies and the ministry training.

Each course has two levels, made up of 16 Subjects (modules) per level. The modules are made up of between 8 and 10 classes.

Course 1: Biblical studies

Course 2: Ministry Training

How long does it take to complete this course?

This depends upon how many modules you study at a time and your own pace. The entire course is designed to be the equivalent of a full time two-three year Bible School. Studied part time, it will take longer.

If you only do one hour of studies per week, the course takes longer to complete. However, it is up to you to decide what time commitment you are able to put intimate the course.

Will I get any recognition for completing the course, or individual modules?

Recognition (certificate of completion) is given for the completion of a level, not for individual modules within the level.

Assignments and Assessments

Some classes may include ‘homework’ assignments. These are minimal. At the end of each module, there is a test (or assessment). These are not designed to be academically challenging, but rather to show that you have understood the subject.


Each module has recommended books for further study; however, these are not provided as part of your course fees. You need to purchase these separately from a Christian book supplier.

For many of the courses, I will suggest one book that I believe is important to read as part of your studies of the subject. At the moment, these are not required, but rather optional.


The costs and fees for the course vary depending upon how you are studying.

If you are doing one-on-one lessons with me over webcam, each class costs £15. This is discounted for your first module to £10 per class. This cost is for a 50 minute class and is ‘per person’ (see section below for couples). Most modules require 8-10 classes to study.

If you are studying live classes in your local area, the course fees will be given before each course. These depend upon whether there are costs involve in hiring a facility. The costs will be ‘per module’ rather than per individual class.

More information can be found on the pages for live classes.

Eventually, there will be modules available on this website for self study. Each module will have its own stated fee, which needs to be paid when you start the module.


Couples can sign up to study together at a discounted rate. One on one webcam classes can be done with you both together. If you want to do the classes individually, the couples discount may not apply.

I already have some Bible school training. Can I skip the basic level courses and go straight to the advanced courses?

This is something we can talk about together. If you contact me and let me know what training you have already done and what you are hoping to gain from this course, I can look at putting together a course of study that is relevant to you.

Sign up

The first step for signing up for a course is to contact me. We can discuss what you are hoping to get out of the course and whether you want to do Bible study only or ministry training.

We can also discuss whether you want to do live classes in your area or study with me one-on-one over webcam. You can also ask questions before you commit to study with me.