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Do I need Bible School training for Ministry?

Do I really need Bible School training for Ministry? Surely God can teach me what I need to know

People seem to use this argument to justify that is is ok to enter then ministry untrained. They say that God can just teach them everything they need to know.

Consider this

Would you trust your life to an untrained doctor? Someone who just decided they would go and do surgery on people with no training? I certainly would not. I would want someone who has medical training.

How much more should we trust our spiritual lives to people who are trained, equipped and know what they are doing?

Stepping out into ministry without adequate training and preparation can be disastrous, both to yourself and those you are ministering to.

Will God just teach me everything I need?

This question needs to be answered by considering ‘how’ God teaches us. According to the Bible, He uses His Word, the Holy Spirit and human teachers.

Jesus placed ministry gifts in the church to help train and equip people. They are part of how He teaches people. He intended that human teachers who He has called be part of the teaching and training He brings into our lives.

Receiving from human teachers that God has called and sent is scriptural and, in fact, and essential part of our growth. This applies to people going into the ministry as much as it applies to any Christian.

Yes, He gave us the Holy Spirit as our teacher, but He also commissioned ministers to teach. Paul spent time teaching people. The apostles taught. This is in the Bible and, therefore, it is scriptural.

Should any Christian be taught by others?

The same (faulty) argument that ‘God can teach me everything I need to know’ could be used by people to say they do not need to go to church or to listen to any human pastors or teachers, because God can teach them everything.

If you are going into ministry, then part of what you will be doing is teaching and training others. If you do not believe it is right for you to be taught and trained, then how can you say you will train and teach others? Surely the belief that you do not need human teachers applies to others to?

Do we learn everything God teaches us?

The problem is, how many people are listening exclusively to God in their learning of scriptural truths?

People often have preconceived ideas, religious mentalities, traditions etc that can cloud what God is trying to teach you. It is tempting, and often easier, to follow your own ideas instead of God’s. Being taught and trained can help you avoid following your own ideas and missing what God is trying to teach you,

How long do you want to take to learn?

You can learn from someone else in a shorter period of time things that it might take you 20-30 years to learn on your own.

Sometimes we are slow to listen to things God is trying to show us. This means that the process of relying exclusively on God to teach you and not listening to human teachers is a very slow one indeed. This is not because God is slow, but rather because we can be slow to listen to Him.

Learning from experiece

Also, there is great benefit to learning from someone else’s experience in practical matters. Maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes they made by learning from them.

If you want to learn it all yourself, you may make many mistakes along the way. These mistakes can cause delays. Some of these could have been avoided by learning from others.

This is true in our natural lives and our spiritual lives.

So, I encourage you not to skip Bible school as you enter the ministry to follow God’s call on your life. I am sure you want to reach your fullest potential and achieve everything God has called you to do. Learning from others, gaining wisdom from their experience, will only benefit your calling and ministry, enabling you to reach higher points quicker.

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