Live Bible School Classes in the UK

Live Bible School Classes in the United Kingdom (UK)

Exceeding Faith Bible School enables students to study both online and by attending live classes. Live Bible School classes from Exceeding Faith Ministries are run in some areas of the UK (United Kingdom). Other countries may be added soon too.

These give you the opportunity to study the Bible with others in a group setting.

By attending live classes, you can study the Bible with a group of other Christians. You can encourage each other, make new friends or study with friends you already know. Live Bible School classes are the usual way that most people have attended Bible school in the past. They continue to be an effective way to attend Bible school.

Where are live classes held?

The live classes can be held in churches, homes or other facilities. They are available to run throughout the UK.

If you are in another country, please read the international pages.

When are the classes held?

There is no set day of the week when the classes have to be done. They will run on different days in different areas. So, in order to run live classes in your area, we will need to agree an available day to have the class each week.

The following options are possible

One week night per week. Preferably 2 hours (two 50 minute classes, with a break in between). Depending on start times, it may be possible to do 3 hours.

All day Saturday. It is possible to have a course for an entire Saturday, starting at 9am until about 5pm (with a lunch break). This would involve multiple 50 minute sessions through the day, with a short break in between each class.

I want to get live classes started in my area of the UK. How can I do this?

I am open to starting live classes in different areas of the UK. In order to do so, there needs to be a group of people wanting to attend. My preference is for a minimum of 10 people interested in starting. I am flexible on this number, so we can discuss it if you contact me.

If you do not yet have a group of people, but would like to start the classes, these are your options:

  • Take your classes online with me one on one.
  • Help promote the classes locally and build up a group of people.
  • Tell your friends, family, pastor etc and see if you can generate interest locally to build up a group of people.


Fees are ‘per module’ and not per individual class session. Modules last between 8-10 classes.

People wanting to attend need to pay the full module fee. This means, people make a commitment to attend an entire module over the weeks it is running. This is a course, not simply a Bible study night.

A church Bible study may have different people in attendance each week. However, it is important that each person treats these courses seriously and shows a commitment to attend the entire module.


If you are a pastor and would like more information about live Bible School classes in your area, please read the information page for pastors, which should answer some of your questions.

Interested in Live UK classes?

If you are interested in having Bible courses in your area of the UK, please contact me.

If you are outside the UK (United Kingdom), please read the International pages.

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