Information for Pastors

Information for Pastors

This page is for pastors who are either interested in having a Bible school in their local area (or church) or have people in their church who want to study at Bible School. Pastors may have various concerns about an outside ministry training their church members. I will try to address those concerns here.

Pastors Questions

How will this Bible School benefit the local church?

Exceeding Faith is a teaching ministry, not a church. We work with local churches and pastors, helping people become more effective members of their local churches. I have been teaching the Bible for over 24 years and have a large amount of experience with Bible Schools.

When church members get extra training, they can become more effective in their local church. As they grow spiritually through Bible School, many of them will put more time into their church and helping their pastor.

Many pastors struggle because they lack trained leadership by their side. They are having to do all the work of the ministry themselves.

Why do people need Bible School? Surely they can get all the teaching they need from church.

Bible School often covers focused teaching that does not get covered in the average church service. Subjects get covered which will compliment the teaching people are already receiving in church, but also help accelerate their growth. A Bible School programme can cover material that, on average, would take 12-14 years (or more) of church services to cover.

Are you planning to use this Bible School to start another church in my area?

There is no plan to start a church locally out of the school. The school is not a means of church planting, nor is it a replacement for church attendance and involvement. Students still need to attend their own local church.

My goal is to serve and assist the local churches that are already in the area and to provide solid scriptural teaching to help individual believers to grow in their walk with God. I have worked with pastors as an itinerant for many years, inputting into other people’s churches and Ministries.

I firmly believe in the importance of respecting these relationships and not using them to start my own church locally. God has not called me to pastor or to start churches. He has called me to bring teaching into the lives of Christians. I have always made sure that my efforts in churches as an itinerant help strengthen and build that local church.

If you have questions about this and want to talk with me, I am happy to do so.

I would like to hold some of your live classes in my church. Would this be possible?

Yes. Please contact me so we can discuss it. I am happy to work with pastors to help train your church members. This could include starting classes in your area or church. The Bible School classes can either be aimed at one church in an area or multiple churches (depending on whether there is one or multiple pastors interested).

I am interested, but only want to hold one module in my church for now

Pastors do not have to commit to running a lengthy Bible School in your church. You may simply want to run one module for now. This is possible. As this course is module based, each subject can be taught as a standalone topic, without the need to start a full Bible School in your church. For example, you may want some training in your church on Helps and Supportive Ministries. Please, let me know I found this interests you.

I want to have my own Bible School in my church, so do not think I need your course.

Running a church is a big responsibility and takes time. The same is true with running a Bible School. Sometimes pastors do not realise how much work goes into effectively running a Bible school.

Possibly, you think that by running your own Bible school, you can avoid the risk of losing your church members due to them wanting to attend schools elsewhere. Also, you may see running a Bible school as a means to grow your church.

The truth is that trying to run a Bible School and a church can actually become a burden to a church, unless you have people who can focus on running the school. Many churches find that their church has to financially subsidise the school and it becomes a drain on their church finances.

The Solution

My answer is this: I specialise in Bible Schools. God has called me to this and I have over 20 years of experience specifically with Bible Schools. I have no desire to start a church near you, or to steal your church members. God has not called me to be a pastor, but a teacher.

I have done pastoring in the past, so am aware of what is involved in it and doing so has helped me gain a lot of ministerial experience, but I am clear about my calling. I have no intention of using these schools to start churches locally.

My goal is to come alongside pastors and bring in my experience with running Bible Schools to assist you. This will benefit your church and your church members.

If you enable me to provide the Bible School you desire in your church, you will then be able to focus fully on pastoring your church, yet still achieve the goal of having a Bible school in your church. Why not work with me, so that you can continue to focus on your church, but also help make Bible School quality teaching available to your church members.

I am a pastor and am concerned that if my church members attend a Bible school, they will leave my church.

A good Bible school will make your members more effective in their local church, not leave it.

Encouraging Christians to be an active part of their church is part of our vision. Many pastors have found that, by selecting the right Bible School, their church members become more useful to their church and pastor.

A lot of Christians want more teaching than they are currently getting in their local church. Some of them move out of the area to attend Bible School.

My plan is to bring the Bible School to you, so that people can stay in their area and church while getting the additional teaching they desire.

What if my church members learn so much that they no longer need me or feel they know more than me?

Firstly, if your church members are growing in understanding of the Bible, that is good for you and your church. As they mature spiritually, they can begin to help more in your church and help carry the load of running the church, this will free you up to focus more on specific areas that God has called you to. It will help build your Ministry team and church staff.

I teach people to help, get involved in their church and to become an effective support to their pastor.

Secondly, if you feel your church members may learn more than you through this Bible course, then maybe you might like to attend the classes too. You are welcome to. This can help feed you too.

Pastors are often giving out to others constantly. Sometimes, it is good to have someone input into you too. This will strengthen you. Then, you will learn everything they are learning at the school too.

As a pastor, I feel I can provide my church members with all the training they need. Why do they need Bible School too?

Jesus placed various ministry Gifts in His church. It was never His plan that people should get everything from one person. Healthy spiritual growth occurs by being exposed to more than one ministry gift.

Someone in my churches wants to do Bible School. What options do you have for them?

I provide live Bible courses and online studying. Either classes can be started locally to you, if there is a group of people interested, or an individual can do online classes with me


Pastors, please contact me to chat more. I am happy to address your concerns or talk about holding Bible School classes in your church.