Helps Ministry supportive Roles in the church

Helps Ministry: Supportive Roles in the Church

Many leaders in the Church are crying out for people to help them build their church or ministry. The helps ministry is a necessary part of any church. Without it, many leaders cannot fulfil everything God has called them to do.

The helps ministry provides an important supportive role, enabling the pastor to effectively build the church. It is important that both church leaders and helpers understand the importance of helpers, so this module is necessary for everyone in ministry, regardless of their role.

Even if your plan is to be a leader, you need to understand the helps ministry.


The purpose of this module is to examine the importance of the Ministry of Helps throughout the Bible; to understand its function, role and purpose, as well as the Biblical attitude for helps ministry.

Attention will be given to the necessary characteristics of anyone involved in supporting or helping a Christian leader.

This module focuses on Biblical principles which provide a foundation for effective supportive roles in the church. There are additional modules in the ministry course that give practical information on the helps ministry (how to develop particular areas of Helps within a church).

Goals and Objectives

Through this course, the student will come to understand:

  • The Biblical ministry of helps; its value and importance.
  • Ministry involves working with other people, including leaders with different leadership styles.
  • The necessary characteristics a person needs to be able to be part of a team.
  • Many are called to help and support another person’s vision. Not everyone is called to run their own ministry.
  • The importance of correct motives: ‘why’ you are doing ‘what’ you are doing.
  • The correct mentality and attitude of helpers.
  • How to be profitable workers and servants in the kingdom of God.
  • What is involved in serving God’s leaders? How you can enable them to fulfil the vision God has given them.
  • Pitfalls to avoid as a supportive minister.
  • How the enemy tries to use key people in supportive positions to harm and damage a ministry.

How to study this Module on Helps Ministry

This module can be studied online by one on one webcam classes with me or by attending live classes (where available).

Studying the Helps Ministry online with me via webcam

To study Supportive and Helps Ministry by one on one classes over webcam, please read the page about webcam classes and contact me.

I recommend 10 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it.

There should be at least one Skype (or other video messaging service) per week. If you want to do more, we can.

Live classes

This module is also available for live classes. Please read the pages on live courses for more information on this.

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Ministry Training

The Helps Ministry module is part of the Ministry Training course: Level One: Foundations for Effective Ministry. The ministry training course is for people who want to be involved in Christian Ministry, whether as leaders or helpers in supportive ministry roles.