First steps into the Ministry

First Steps into Ministry

Your first steps into the Ministry lay the foundation for your future ministry and set the course. It is important that these first steps are taken properly.

Many times, people are not sure how to go about their first steps into ministry, so instead spend their first few years in ministry making mistakes and going about things in a way that can cause them future problems. Rather than building bridges, they burn them.

Rarely does anyone train us how to go about the starting years of Ministry in a way that will lay a strong foundation and ensure future success. However, many are quick to judge and point fingers at the mistakes made by those younger and less experienced in ministry.

Learn vital lessons early on

Often, we learn later on how we could have done things better at the start. Wouldn’t it be better to learn those lessons first, so we could do it correctly from the start? It is unlikely that many people will get a second chance to take their first steps. Therefore, it is better to ensure that they are taken correctly the first time.

There can be a temptation to rush the earlier stages of ministry, in order to get where you want to be. However, making sure the first steps are done well ensures later success.

‘How to’ Guide on taking your first steps into Ministry

It seems like a guide on how to get into the Ministry would be useful. This could show us the wisdom of God in the earlier years of our Ministries and help us avoid mistakes. It would show us how to take the first steps to ensure maximum success from the start.

This module is that guide for anyone starting out in the ministry. The principles taught here will also greatly benefit anyone who is already in the ministry.

Purpose and Objectives

The goal of is module is to help ensure longevity and success in ministry.

Through the module, you will learn both biblical and practical wisdom to help build a ministry strong from the start. This will include how to build strong Ministry relationships, how to be a vessel that is useful to God and how to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, rather than a hindrance.

Level 1: Foundation for Effective Ministry

This module is part of the Foundation for Effective Ministry (Ministry Training Level 1) course.

The Ministry training course is for people wanting to follow God’s Plan for their lives and enter Christian Ministry.

How to study First Steps into Ministry

This module can be studied online by one on one webcam classes with me or by attending live classes (where available).

Studying online with me via webcam

To study First Steps into Ministry by one on one classes over webcam, please read the page about webcam classes and contact me.

I recommend 10 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it. There should be at least one Skype (or other video messaging service) per week. If you want to do more, we can.

Studying by attending live classes

The first steps into ministry module can also be studied live. Please read the pages on live modules for more information on this.

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