Blood Covenant Bible Course

Covenant Relationship with God

Covenant is a central theme in the Bible, yet it’s concepts remain lost to many today. Without understanding covenants, particularly blood covenants, a person cannot fully appreciate a lot of what the Bible is about and why things were done the way they were.

The Bible is a Book of Covenant

It is important to view the Bible from a perspective of Covenant.

In order to fully appreciate God’s commitment to His Word and promises in our lives, as well as our relationship with Him, we need to understand our covenant relationship with Him. When we do our faith will rise and strengthen, as we see how committed God is to us and to fulfilling His promises in our lives.

Purpose of this online course

To understand the Bible from a perspective of Covenant, seeing their scriptural purpose and importance, and bringing the student to a place of absolute confidence in God’s Promises.

What this Course will cover

We will define what a blood covenant is, examine why God made them, what it means to be in one, the responsibilities of those who have entered one and the benefits of being in blood covenant relationship with Christ for believers today.

Our study will help you see why you can have absolute confidence in the promises of God.

This online course will give you an understanding of the principles of a covenant throughout the Old and New Testaments, by using scriptural examples, as well as its application and importance.

You will see the impact it has on our relationship with God and develop an appreciation for the blood covenant relationship, the strongest of all agreements between two parties.

We will look at both the Old and New Covenants and what it means that the new is better.


By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • The importance of Covenant in the Bible
  • What a covenant is, how they are set up, what it means to be in one and why God made it
  • How you can have complete confidence in God’s commitment to His promises to you and how He ensured that you can know without a doubt that His promises are unchangeable.
  • Examples in the Bible
  • The Power of the Blood
  • How to apply the truths of Covenant into your life and relationship with God
  • That the New Covenant is better than the old

How You can study this Course

This course is currently available to study over Skype directly with me. We will study the subject together by live video messaging.

This gives you the benefit of being able to discuss it with me as we study. You will have access directly to me as your personal Bible tutor.

Here is more information on the one-on-one classes over video messaging, as well as prices

Course Requirements

I recommend 6-8 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it.

These should be at least one Skype lesson per week (or other video messaging service). If you want to do them more often, we can.

Sign up

If you are interested in this online Bible course and would like to know more, contact me below. There is no immediate payment. We can first discuss the details, then you can decide if you want to book your first lesson.