The Character of God

The Character of God

Getting to know the character of God, who He is, how He acts and how He treats people, is an essential part of knowing God.

He has often been misunderstood and misrepresented. Religious mentalities have often portrayed a hard, distant God who is uncaring about your needs and distant.

In this module, we will examine the scriptural character of God and see Him for who He really is.


This subject is designed to teach God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture, helping you to understand His true character and nature, so that you can know Him better.

We need to understand our Father and our relationship with Him.

Knowing God

Many do not know God, yet knowing Him is foundational for a successful relationship with Him. Strong faith in God requires knowing Him.

This subject is not just about information, but to inspire you to make pursuing knowing God a lifestyle.

Course Objectives

Throughout this module, you will be encouraged to get to know God better, to build your personal relationship with Him and to developer closer fellowship with Him.

At the end of this course, you will

  • Be more motivated to seek after knowing God, the Father know God’s character and nature better, as well as understand the various aspects of His character, as revealed in the Bible.
  • Understand how to get to know God and where we can see the clearest revelations of who He is.
  • Know that lies have been spread about God’s character and how He has been misrepresented, as well as deal with your own misunderstanding of God’s character.
  • See God for who He really is.
  • Recognise the connection between knowing God and strong faith.
  • Understand that God never changes; that He is the same in both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Know how to reconcile the apparent differences in God’s character between the Old and New Testaments.
  • Develop a closer personal relationship with Him.
  • Recognise the variousness aspects of God’s character, including the Father and the Shepherd.

How to study the Character of God Module

This module can be studied online by one on one webcam classes with me or by attending live classes (where available).

Studying online with me via webcam

To study the Character of God by one on one classes over webcam, please read the page about webcam classes and contact me.

I recommend 10 classes for this subject, so we can fully discuss it. There should be at least one Skype (or other video messaging service) per week. If you want to do more, we can.

Studying by attending live classes

This module on the Character of God can also be studied live, when available. (Live classes follow a course, so the specific subject may not be available for live teaching immediately, if another subject is currently being taught).

Please read the pages on live courses for more information on this.

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More Information on the Character of God

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