Classes in different international countries

Bible School Classes in International Countries

Students from countries outside the United Kingdom can still study at Exceeding Faith Bible School. The primary way to do so is by doing online studies. In some cases, it may be possible for me to run live modules in different countries. If you are interested in these, please contact me and we can discuss it.

The likely plan for live international classes (outside the U.K.) would be to cover an entire module in a weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday). Running weekly classes could be done in some countries in Europe. This would be possible if enough people are interested in signing up for the module.

Different Countries

If you are interested in having live classes in your country, the first step would be to find how many people would be interested in attending. With a group of people interested, we can discuss holding some live modules.

Ideally, talk with your pastor (here is some information for Pastors), to see if the classes can be held in your church.

Combined online and live studies

Due to the distance, it may not be possible for me to hold all the classes live in different countries. However, by combining online studying and live classes, you can still do the course.


Countries in Europe are more accessible for me, as I am based in the UK. If you are in Europe and want live Bible School Classes in your area or church, please contact me.

Countries beyond Europe

Due to the travelling distance, weekly classes would not be possible in countries outside of Europe. However, concentrated classes held over a weekend may be possible.

Please contact me, to let me know which country you are in and whether you have a group of people interested in doing the course.

Also, let me know if you are a pastor or if your pastor is also interested in holding the classes in your church.

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