Bible Courses from Exceeding Faith Ministry

Flexible Bible Courses

Bible courses from Exceeding Faith provide you with a flexible way to study the Bible, through a combination of live classes, one-on-one tuition and online courses. Many people want to attend Bible College, but are unable to for various reasons. These Bible courses are designed with you in mind.

Do you want more understanding of the Bible?

Exceeding Faith will help you to understand the Bible and get your Biblical questions answered. Christians who do Bible School grow faster and can go further in their walk with God.

  • Learn how to get answers to prayer and receive from God
  • Get your questions about God and the Bible answered

Would you like your relationship with God to grow?

If you are hungry for more of God and more Biblical teaching than you are currently receiving, this programme can help you more forward. Even if you feel stuck in your relationship with God, like you do not know where to go from here you will find that Bible School classes can help you break past your current spiritual growth.

Do you want to fulfil God’s call on your life?

Preparation is a vital step in fulfilling your divine destiny. If you want to be equipped to fulfil God’s call on your life, these courses will help.

Prepare for Ministry

If you desire to go into the ministry, it is important to increase your understanding of the Bible, as well as train for ministry. The Exceeding Faith Bible School programme can help you with both of these.

Will studying at Bible School really benefit me?

Do I need to pray about doing Bible School?

Online and Live Bible Courses

We use a combination of online and live Biblical studies, enabling you to study at your own pace. You simply work through modules to complete the course. The entire course can be studied online or by attending live classes (where available), or a mixture of both.

Online options:

These online Bible courses can be studied from any where in the world.

Live options:

Different Bible School programmes

Rather than following one pre-made curriculum, we offer a variety of programmes depending on your reasons for studying. Whether you only want to increase your Biblical understanding or whether you want to prepare for Ministry, there is a programme for you.

This multi tiered approach enables you to focus on your reasons for studying, without needing to cover content that is not relevant to you.

You can also sign up for more than one programme at the same time. If you want to follow the Biblical studies and ministry training programmes at the same time, you can.

Grow in the Word

If your desire is to increase your understanding of the Bible, you can follow a course of studies focused on Biblical studies.

This programme has two levels of study. Level 1 is a Foundational Bible course which will help you grow in understanding in foundational subjects of the Bible (Subjects for successful Christian living). Level 2 is advanced Biblical Studies for deeper study of the Bible.

Train for Ministry

If you want to train for Ministry, you can follow the Ministry Development programme. This also has two levels of training

Level 1 covers the Foundations of effective Christian Ministry. Level 2 moves on to advanced Ministry Studies. Training will cover all aspects of ministry, from helps to leadership.

Do I need Bible School Training to enter the Ministry?

Contact Exceeding Faith now for further information. There is no obligation to sign up yet.

Practical Information about the Course