Exceeding Faith Bible School

About Exceeding Faith Bible School

Exceeding Faith Ministries is a teaching ministry, not a church. Our Bible school programme is part of the vision to provide quality, solid Bible teaching. We work with local churches and pastors, helping people to grow as Christians and become more effective members of their local church.

You can find out more about Exceeding Faith Ministries on our other website: exceedingfaith.com

Purpose of Exceeding Faith Bible School

  • Train equip and disciple believers
  • To help promote sound doctrine in the Body of Christ
  • Encourage the development of people’s relationship with God
  • To bring people greater understanding of the Bible
  • Train and prepare people for ministry


The Word of God (Bible)

  • Above specific church denominational teaching, traditions, personal opinions and private interpretations

The Holy Spirit

  • Anointed teaching
  • Spirit filled Christianity

The Bible School programme

The Exceeding Faith Bible School course is designed for people wanting a greater understanding of the Word of God and those wanting to prepare for ministry.

We recognise that some people want to attend Bible School, in order to get a better understanding of the Bible. Others attend to train and prepare for Ministry. Both groups are catered for in our flexible Bible School programme.

You can either:

Practical Information about the Course

About Exceeding Faith Ministries

Exceeding Faith Ministries was founded by Owen Walton, with the purpose of providing clear understandable Bible teaching. God’s commission on his life is ‘to focus on the Word of God as the standard for truth in the church’.


I have been in full time ministry for 22 years. My ministerial experience includes pastoring churches, associate pastoring, pioneering churches, itinerant ministry and more.

This has included teaching in Bible Schools for most of this period, helping to prepare people for Ministry.

I believe that every Christian can benefit from studying at Bible School. I designed the Exceeding Faith Bible School course to help enable more people to grow in understanding of the Bible.